Snik Return & Refund Policy

Browse our Return & Refund policy to avoid any hassles in your purchases.

Snik Return & Refund Policy

Our return policy is very simple wherein we do not honor any Returns or Refunds because: -

  1. NOTE -

    It is highly advisable for all our customers that they understood the products at Snik platform and ensure that they are as per the description and your requirements. If found NO purchases after successful payments, do reach with all Order details at

    Please contact us within 24 hours of purchase of your order. Failure to notify us within the given time frame of 24 hours will make all future claims NULL & VOID. You can reach our customer service team to notify about any issues via email at

  1. All Sales Are Final -

    All the purchases on our platform are final in all manners as we understand that a customer knows their requirements, urgency and quantity and then only they purchase. So, we do not honor any cancellations, refunds in order placed by you and that is why we suggest to be 100% sure about what you purchase.

  1. NO Refund for GIFT Cards -

    All the orders placed under GIFT Card category are completely NON-Refundable in any circumstances.

  1. Acceptance of Refunds Condition -

There is NO Refund & Cancellation for any type of purchase at Snik, so we recoomend users to browse our Refund & Cancellation policies thoroughly. Refunds can only be possible in case when payment is Successful but you are not able to locate the purchase in your Wallet.

All Queries with Refunds should come with complete purchase details and within 24-hours of purchase else there will be NO Refunds.

If you still have any other question or queries regarding Returns & Refunds then please do reach our customer care at . We will get back to you at the earliest.